Basic step by step guide to make money with ClickBank.

To make money with ClickBank there is a set of rules to make it work properly. Many people who first get into affiliate marketing and ClickBank think, or have been led to believe that just by purchasing traffic through ad networks like google, bing and youtube you make money. Just buy targeting the right audience with your ads never gets results. You have to learn to build a list of interested customers and begin to sell to them, this is the key to affiliate marketing. So let me explain how it works in a step by step format. This how to make money with clickbank step buy step guide should help get you started.

Pick the right product to promote.

When picking a ClickBank product to promote it always helps to know something about your category that your ClickBank product is in, this will help you keep promoting this product. Allways look at the sales copy in the clickbank offer sales page, read through the entire page and make sure that it has been written correctly this will

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Build a sales or capture page.

The first thing to do and get right is to build a sales funnel to collect potential customers. This is the most important thing to do first, never buy traffic or create traffic and send it straight to a ClickBank offer it is a complete waste of time. When people go to a landing page or sales page and they input there email in replace for value or information. This will create a very targeted list, it is like people coming into a shop from a highstreet and then collecting there details. This is very powerful. Usually a landing page is very simple and just has one goal in mind it is not a home page or blogpost.

Set up an email marketing service.

The next step is to sign up for a email marketing service such as Mailchimp or Getresponse. This will allow you to communicate with your list, this is where the real magic happens and will shock you how well it works. The benefit of promoting ClickBank products